What private users and small business owners need:

  1. One monitor for all applications
  2. Maximum image quality
  3. Convincing service and warranty
  4. High product quality and durability
  5. Good ergonomics
  6. Energy-saving operation

Monitors for the home office

Much has changed in terms of how and where we work today. It’s more likely than ever that we’ll be spending more time working from home than in the past. That’s why it’s important to have the right equipment for the job. Whether you’re working from home as a temporary measure or your home office setup is a permanent one, have the same high-quality equipment is crucial to being able to work with at least the same level of efficiency and standards of health as in the company office.

We have compiled the most important tips and recommendations to help you select suitable monitors for your workstation at home and explain the key technical features.

tips and recommendations to help you select suitable monitors for your workstation at home

EIZO guidebook: What do you need to consider when selecting select suitable monitors for the home office??

Whether it’s top image quality, unrivalled connection options or practical ergonomic features, there are many reasons why an external workstation monitor has a place in every home office setup. We’ve summarised the top five reasons for you.

Five great reasons why an EIZO monitor belongs in every home office setup

Reliability for the office

Reliable monitors for the office

You can absolutely rely on the office monitors from EIZO. Thanks to the high quality of all of the components used and the stringent control procedures during production, EIZO can guarantee a warranty period of five years. That's significantly longer than the market standard. And in the unlikely event that there is actually a problem, you need not worry about downtimes. At EIZO you can always benefit from exceptional support and therefore from absolute investment security.

Image quality to meet the highest requirements

LCD monitors with top image quality

Of course, image quality is at least as important as the reliability of your new monitor. Whether you're editing texts, looking at graphics. or playing videos, your monitor needs to be a true all-rounder with an impressive, perfect display at all times.

EIZO office monitors achieve their clear image reproduction thanks to well-engineered electronics and the use of innovative panel technology - suitable for all applications.

The perfect image quality is not perfect enough for us – find out more.

Connectivity that captivates

monitor as a docking station

The outstanding connectivity – not to mention the countless clean desk options it enables – of EIZO FlexScan monitors makes every workstation tidier, more flexible and more reliable. Whether you’re talking about docking functionalities, multi-screen solutions, Thin Client mounts or practical cable routing, they all help to ensure that there is nothing on your desk that isn’t truly needed. All to improve efficiency and enable a modern way of working.

Turn your monitor into a docking station.

Ergonomics for pain-free work

Ergonomic screens

If you spend several hours a day in front of your screen, the monitor should have ergonomic functions. This way, you can prevent problems with eyes and neck pain and meet the statutory requirements placed on workstation screens – even as a small business owner.

Thanks to their sophisticated features, EIZO models ensure that your eyes tire less quickly while you are working. Features such as the surface with its anti-reflection coating, the non-flickering images, and automatically adjusting brightness of the monitor make working on the monitor particularly pleasant. Just like the flexible base, which offers several options to adjust the height, incline. and rotation. This way you can select your own customised monitor position that is as comfortable as possible for your eyes and neck.

Read a summary of the ergonomic advantages of our monitors here.

Cost efficiency that counts

Cost-effective office LCDs

Of course, costs play a key role in purchasing a new monitor for private or professional use. Let's consider the overall operating costs. If you consider the total cost of ownership of a new device from the outset, you can save money effectively.

An investment that truly pays off in the long run. Learn more about it.

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