Information on our warranty service:

  • Bring-In & Pick-Up by customer: If your device has any malfunction, please contact our service centre for detailed information, Services may differ by country and product, for more information click here.
  • Extent of warranty*: The warranty covers failure of the backlight and extends to either five years or 30.000 operating hours, whichever is sooner (please check the precise conditions per model). (At a normal office, however, a total of 30.000 operating hours will not be reached within a period of five years. Assuming that the equipment is used eight hours a day, five days a week, and 52 weeks a year, that would take more than 14 years.)
  • Replacement parts: Replacement spare parts for EIZO monitors that you could replace yourself are listed here (on the international EIZO website).

* Some devices have a different warranty. The respective warranty periods for the products can be found on the corresponding data sheets or by looking at the international EIZO website:

To the warranty overview

Most EIZO monitors come with a five-year warranty including on-site exchange service. EIZO's innovative service approach sets new standards and is in line with the trend towards longer write-off (depreciation) times. EIZO offers the certainty you can count on.

High-end Quality
State-of-the-art materials and EIZO craftsmanship ensure extraordinary durability; it is this that allows us to offer a five-year warranty. With your warranty, you no longer need to pay consequential costs, for example for maintenance and repair; this makes all the costs as clear as possible ("Total Cost of Ownership").

In case of a defect, first contact your supplier to ask for his support.
Should your EIZO monitor have a defect, then do contact our international service centre.

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