The traditional solution is a thing of the past

Transmitting video surveillance images from the IP camera to a surveillance monitor used to be a complex task. A PC with the relevant software and peripherals was required so that the image signal from the IP camera could be output to the monitor. This meant expenses for software licences, anti-virus and data protection software and system maintenance, as well as hardware equipment, which required space, ports and connections.

Conventional monitor
Conventional monitor

Integrated solution with EIZO decoding monitors

The IP decoding monitors from EIZO offer a significantly less cluttered approach that requires substantially less effort and expense. They can connect to surveillance cameras from the network without any need for a computer. The monitors are easily controlled via a web interface or an APO integrated into the VMS and can also manage IP surveillance cameras. The IP decoding monitors are also equipped with diverse image optimisation functions (for example, for the improved display of dark areas in the underground carparks).

IP decoding monitors
IP decoding monitors

Total flexibility with the IP decoding box

The IP decoding box from EIZO is particularly suitable for monitor walls or various screen diagonals and screen resolutions. The fact it can be connected to the video network without a computer also means neither a computer nor software are required. The compact box can be attached to monitors using a VESA attachment, which saves space. Extensive functionalities and compatibility turn the EIZO IP decoding box into a highly flexible and space-saving solution module.

Total flexibility with ip decoding solutions
IP decoding monitors

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IP decoding box

Flexible video management
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An overview of the advantages:

  1. Connection to IP video surveillance system without a computer
  2. Perfect solutions for use in monitor walls, installations with large screen diagonals and high resolutions, live streams in businesses, building, underground carparks, outdoor areas and access controls
  3. High reliability and long product life cycle
  4. Suitable for 24/7 use

Functionality with leading VMS

EIZO works together with leading providers of security and monitoring solutions to ensure technical compatibility and functional support for different video management systems (VMS).

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IP Decoder Solution Partner

Cooperation with leading camera manufacturers

Cooperation with leading camera manufacturers is a key component of EIZO’s R&D activities, since this ensures that the EIZO IP decoding solutions are perfectly compatible with IP cameras.

Camera Compability
»Shifting to a more centralised VMS solution from Genetec and the EIZO monitors has meant that we no longer need as much equipment [...]. It makes things a lot more efficient.«

Alan Baird, Senior Core Communications Engineer at Edmonton Transit Service

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»The EIZO IP decoding monitor allows us to display the images from several IP cameras quickly and effectively without displaying an interconnecting PC.«

Walibi theme park, Holland

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»Both of the IP decoding monitors feature excellent image displays. Alongside the excellent product quality, we also appreciate EIZO’s outstanding customer service.«

Mark Ameloot, ICT and technology within Sopraco

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